Melbourne Day 3 update

Another great day in Melbourne! Started with an intense 6 hours with Louise and Brent working on a joint article (on the social and symbolic significance of Philistine writing system(s) and language(s). We had some great breakthroughs during the day! All told, in the last three days Louise and I have moved ahead significantly in 3 different articles that we are jointly publishing – quite a gold standard!

In the evening, I gave a public lecture (the Marian Adams Memorial Lecture) at the University of Melbourne to a large crowd, in which I gave an overview of the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath – and from the “feel” of the crowd and their reactions – I think it went very, very well!

We then had a very nice supper at the university club (quite nice).

Since we managed to accomplish so much in the last 3 days, Louise is being generous, and tomorrow she is unchaining me from her office desk and taking me to zoo! :-)

(that is – we are visiting – I’m not being placed in a cage…)

And then, I’m off to PNG!

Here are two pictures, courtesy of Louise and Sarah Klavins, of the lecture – both apparently taken simultaneously from different directions!

Aren 2 at Marian Adams Lecture Melbourne 14_8_13











Aren at Marian Adams Lecture Melbourne 14_8_13