Recent study on the etymology of Goliath

Brent Davis (Melbourne) has kindly given a heads up (thanks Brent!) about a recently appeared, and very interesting, article, in which a new etymology of the biblical name Goliath is suggested. Needless to say, as on old Gittite – I was delighted to read it!

The article is entitled:

M. V. Pons. 2012. The Etymology of Goliath in the Light of Carian PN WLJAT/WLIAT: A new proposal. Kadmos 51: 143-164.

The author suggests that the origin of the name Goliath is not to be found in the commonly suggested Lydian Alyattes (as we already argued in our 2008 article on the ALWT/WLT inscription from Safi), but rather should be seen as being related to a Carian personal name (PN). While I don’t agree fully with some of what is written in the study, it is very interesting and important, since it once again stresses the possible Anatolian connections of facets of the non-local components of the Philistine culture.


2 thoughts on “Recent study on the etymology of Goliath

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