3rd Tiryns/Safi joint team meeting – this time at Tiryns!

in the last two days, the 3rd and final meeting of the joint Tiryns/Safi team research grant was held, this time at the site of Tiryns, Greece. This meeting the last of 3 such meetings (see here and here), part of the joint research grant that Prof. Joseph Maran and I received from the GIF. Unfortunately, I could not attend this last meeting, but a very nice representation from the Safi team did participate, including (in alphabetical order): Debbi Cassuto, Brent Davis, Shira Gur Arieh, Louise Hitchcock, Liora Horwitz, Pat Smith and Jo Verducci.

In addition to two days of papers that were given by the members of both teams, Joseph Maran gave a tour of Tiryns on the first day, and of Midea on the second.

See here Louise’s short summary of the meeting:

This week was the third workshop between the Tell es-Safi/Gath and Tiryns teams sponsored by a grant from the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Development, held at the site of Tiryns and hosted by Prof. Joseph Maran of the University Heidelberg. The Australian Research Council also made participation by Australian members of the Tell es-Safi team possible. It was an exciting and productive two days where workshop participants heard presentations on a wide array of topics including animal exploitation and consumption, cooking technologies, Iron Age burial practices, new fresco finds at Tiryns, weaving implements and workshops, common uses of ritual items in the Aegean and Levant, and inscribed Aegean jewelry. The highlight of the two-day meeting, however, were tours of the Mycenaean citadels at Midea and Tiryns led by Joseph Maran, which emphasized the experience of space within the citadel and palace, and the engineering and building ingenuity of the Mycenaeans.

Too bad I missed it – but over all it sounds like it was a success – a great way to end the last of the 3 joint meetings of the grant! We have already published several papers resulting from this grant, and we are currently working on a long and very interesting paper which deals with the LB/Iron Age transition with perspectives from the Aegean and Philistia – with some very interesting insights! (more about this when this is fully baked…).


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