Israel Finkelstein’s new book – download it now!

Prof. Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, who does not require an introduction, has just put out a very interesting book:

Finkelstein, I. 2013 The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel. Ancient Near East Monographs 5. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature.

I assume that this is a translation of a similar book that came out a short while ago in French.

SBL is now offering the book on line in PDF form. I would highly recommend that anyone who is even vaguely interested in any of the topics covered in the volume (archaeology, history, bible, etc.) should download the volume immediately – before whoever put this online changes their mind…

Don’t ask questions – just do it. While it could be that not everyone will agree with everything that is written in the volume – it is TOO important to miss out on this opportunity.


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