New book on “Northern Sea Peoples”

Eisenbrauns has just announced the publication of a new book by E. Stern:

Stern, E. 2013. The Material Culture of the Northern Sea Peoples in Israel. Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant 5. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns.

This book (which Ephraim asked me to read and comment on an earlier manuscript of it a few years ago) deals with his understanding of the material evidence for “Northern Sea Peoples”, based on finds from Tel Dor and other sites in the northern coast of Israel (not, at least based on what I had seen, on the “Northern Sea Peoples” of the Amuq valley). Prof. Stern gathers together assorted evidence which he believes points to the material evidence of the presence of these groups, especially the “Sikils” which he believed settled at Dor and the surrounding areas.

As you may know, this is currently not the understanding of the early Iron Age levels at Dor by the present excavators (Ayelet Gilboa and Ilan Sharon), but I’m sure the book will contribute to the very interesting debate on the archaeological and historical definition (and very existence) of groups of the so-called “Sea Peoples” – asides from the Philistines.