Book collection in memory of Prof. Hanan Eshel in the lab

Prof. Hanan Eshel, z”l, my good friend and colleague, sadly passed away a few years ago. Hanan’s widow, Prof. Esti Eshel, who is also a good friend and colleague, has donated a collection of Hanan’s books to the lab, to add to the steadily growing of books that we have in the lab library.

First of all – thanks to Esti!

Second – may this serve as yet another fond and cherished memory of Hanan – a very special, and very sorely missed person! תצרור נשמתו בצרור החיים!

Thanks to Amit who collected the books in Jerusalem and set them up in the lab.

Here is a picture of the book collection in Hanan’s memory in the lab:

Hanan memory book collection