Silicon molds of pot marks

Shira Kisos, who is a core team member of the project, is writing her MA dissertation on the pot marks on EB pottery from the tell. As part of her dissertation, she will be examining these marks under an SEM. In preparation for that, here you can see her preparing silicon molds of some of the pot marks.

Shira will be traveling to N. America next month, both to participate in the ASOR meeting in Baltimore, but she also will be travelling to Manitoba, as part of the SSHRC grant for the study of the EB at Tell es-Safi/Gath. In Manitoba, in Haskel Greenfield’s lab in the University of Manitoba, she will jointly study the pot marks using an SEM.

If you may recall, we have used this silicon “gook” before in the field (see here).

Here are some pictures:

20131031_114512 20131031_114531

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