New article on the aDNA of Philistine pigs has appeared!

As I had hinted to a few weeks ago, a very interesting article, which the Safi team was involved in, has just appeared. In this study, based on aDNA analysis of pig bones from Bronze and Iron Age sites in the Land of Israel, we demonstrate that apparently, the non-local components of the Sea Peoples/Philistines brought with them European pigs when they arrived in the Levant.

Meaning – when these guys (and gals) arrived by boat – they brought with them live animals which then spread out in the Levant during the Iron Age. This is very nice evidence for some of the nitty gritty aspects of the actual migration of the non-local components of the Philistine culture!

The article details are:
M. Meiri, D. Huchon, G. Bar-Oz, E. Boaretto, L.K. Horwitz, A. M. Maeir, L. Sapir-Hen, G. Larson, S. Weiner & I. Finkelstein. 2013. Ancient DNA and Population Turnover in Southern Levantine Pigs- Signature of the Sea Peoples Migration? Scientific Reports 3: 3035 (DOI: 10.1038/srep03035).