Decorated Ivory Bowl!!!

In the immortal words of Fozzie Bear: “Wokka, Wokka, Wokka”!

Today, Gali Beiner, the conservator working on the ivory bowl from the 2013 season, was in the midst of cleaning the base of the bowl and noticed that there is a very nice geometric decoration on the base! This was quite a surprise, since even from a very close view before the cleaning – this could not be seen.

Here is a sneak view of the decoration:

Ivory bowl 43 small version







Way to go Gali!




3 thoughts on “Decorated Ivory Bowl!!!

  1. Wow, it is really beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing a better picture of it. The decoration makes it a wonderful sign.
    I wonder what meaning the symbol might have.


  2. arenmaeir

    I’ll have to look into the meaning of this, but if it does have a specific meaning, perhaps it is some sort of astral-related symbol?


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