Safi and “Blogging Archaeology” at the 2014 SAA meeting

I was contacted by Doug Rocks-Macqueen, who has a great blog “Doug’s Archaeology“, which deals with various archaeological issues. Doug is organizing in the upcoming 2014 SAA meeting a live blogging session for archaeological blogs, and he has asked the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project blog (which you are currently reading if you did not know), to participate in this exciting project.

To start with, he has thrown out a question to the different bloggers: “Why did you start a blog?”

So, here is my answer:

I started blogging about the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project due to the continued suggestions of a friend who said that this will expand the public’s knowledge on the excavation, the project, etc., and also get more people to volunteer every year from the excavation. Once I started, it became very clear that there were many advantages to this.
1) Every day, throughout the year, whether I have added new materials or not, at least 100 people or so read the blog, and on days with very interesting blogs this can reach over a thousand hits. This includes people who are part of the project, have dug with us in the past, are interested in digging in the future with us, or simply people interested in archaeology
2) The regular updates, during the season and in between them, gives people a nice idea of what goes on in an archaeological project, from a professional and personal point of view. It turns out that many people are interested in this.
3) The blog is an excellent way to announce interesting news, finds and work related to the excavation, whether new publications, new work on finds, etc.
4) I think the fact that it is not only a serious report on what we do but that I add in a lot of humor, adds to the attractiveness of the blog.
This should be a lot of fun – and interesting. Do follow what Doug collects on his blog.

4 thoughts on “Safi and “Blogging Archaeology” at the 2014 SAA meeting

  1. Indeed, your humor adds so much and keeps me coming back for every post. Please never stop digging and never stop blogging. Thanks for all you have taught us in your sharing.


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