Philistia, Gath and yours truly in the Haaretz travel section

Last week, Moshe Gilad, the travel correspondent of the Haaretz, visited with me at Bar-Ilan University, to talk about Philistia and the Philistines, see the finds from Gath in the lab and the new exhibition in the main library, and talk about what to do and where to go to learn about the Philistines.

Today, a very nice, two page article appeared in the weekend arts and culture magazine of Haaretz, in which he both discusses various issues regarding the Philistines, based to a large extent on his interview with me, and gives suggestions on what and where to go to get a new view of who the Philistines were.

See here a link to the article – which is in Hebrew, and full access is only with payment (if I get access to the full version – I’ll update the link).

UPDATE: Moshe Gilad, the author of the article has sent me a full pdf version of the printed article – here it is: Philistia travel article_Haaretz 22_11_13.

SECOND UPDATE: Moshe has just also sent me a nice picture (which appears in the full internet edition of the article which I have not seen) that he took of me holding an unusual, partially reconstructed cultic vessel (stand? model? chalice?) which was found this last season in Area D, during his visit to the lab.

Aren taken for Haaretz article on Philistia small