Rona gets the Bahat Prize!!!

The official announcement is out that Dr. Rona Avissar-Lewis (known to many of you simply as Rona) has been awarded the prestigious Bahat Prize for original Hebrew non-fiction manuscripts for the year 2013. The prize, given by the University of Haifa, includes a very nice cash prize – and the manuscript is published by the University of Haifa Press.

Rona was for many years one of the core team members of the Tell es-Safi/Gath team, and as many of you will remember, worked in various supervisory positions in Area A and P. Her MA research was on Bliss and Macalister’s excavations at the site.

The manuscript “Children of the Past: An Archaeological Perspective on Children and Childhood in the Land of Israel in the Biblical Period” is based on her PhD dissertation which she completed at Bar-Ilan University and for which I served as her advisor.

Way to go Rona – Kol Hakavod!!! A great way to start the new year!!



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