Meeting and Visit to Philistine Museum in Ashdod and Ashdod Yam

Today, I had a meeting at the Museum of Philistia and the Philistines at Ashdod, and since I had missed the official opening, it was my first chance to see the totally renewed and expanded exhibit. What can I say – it is simply stupendous! It is a not a large exhibit, but covers the issues of the Philistines and the Sea Peoples, and their background very nicely, and is designed so that visitors of various backgrounds, ages, and interests will all find things that will attract them.

There are also quite a few very nice finds from Tell es-Safi/Gath, including the two horned altar, the two pillar bases of the temple from Area A, and various other finds.


Here’s a picture of the entrance to the exhibit:

photo (10)







I highly recommend a visit – and the very nice catalogue as well!!

After the meeting/visit at the museum, Dr. Alex Fantalkin (TAU) took me on a two hour tour of his recently commenced excavations at nearby Ashdod Yam. The site is really quite something else (I had not been there in over two decades), and the results of the first season are very exciting – indicating the high potential of this very interesting project in the coming years.

I wanted to pop over to Tell es-Safi/Gath to take a look at the rain damage, but in the end did not have time. I’ll have to do this another day.