Excellent site – the Archaeological Survey of Israel

Dr. Ofer Sion, who is the head of the survey department at the IAA, sent out an email today from which I first saw the excellent website of the Archaeological Survey of Israel. On this site (here is the Hebrew version and here is the English one [which is still listed as a beta version]), you can get online versions of 83 survey maps that have been published so far, including those that were published in hard and electronic forms. There are maps, photos, pottery plates, and most important, accessible summaries, and hard data, from all these maps.

Do check this out – it is an outstanding resource! Clearly, this has been around for awhile – but I was not aware of it :-(


4 thoughts on “Excellent site – the Archaeological Survey of Israel

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  3. arenmaeir

    Carl – the region of Tell es-Safi/Gath was surveyed years ago by Dr. Yehuda Dagan. Some of the maps in the general region have already been published (Lachish and Amatziah) and the others, including the one specifically around Safi, should be published in the coming years.


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