Some stuff going on in the lab: LH pottery and zooarchaeology

Today, in addition to the “regular” stuff going on in the Safi lab, we have two visitors:

* Dr. Philipp Stockhammer (Heidelberg) is in Israel to look at Late Helladic pottery from a few sites in Israel (including Beth Shemesh and Tell es-Safi/Gath). Today, he is in the lab examining the ca. 25 LH sherds that we have discovered in the last few seasons at Safi. I hope he will have some interesting insights from this.

* Dr. Liora Horwitz (HU), who of course has been mentioned often here, and who is the primary project zooarchaeologist, is in the lab, searching for bones to be sent for isotopic analysis.

* And then there’s the rest of us – just working away…