Combine a “Taglit/Birthright” trip to Israel with excavating!

If you really are interested in digging with us this summer, but you are wondering how to fund a trip to Israel to join the Tell es-Safi/Gath team, here’s an idea:

If you qualify to participate in a Taglit/Birthright trip to Israel, look into going on a Birthright group that will travel to Israel right before the season – and then, back-to-back, stay on for the dig! For those who qualify, the entire trip, including your flights and your stay in Israel with Birthright (10 days) is fully funded. And then, you would only have to pay for your R&B during the period of the dig!

And this way, you can substantially enrich the depth and meaning of your trip to Israel – not only with the Birthright group program – but immediately following it, get a chance to participate, with your own hands, in the exciting discovery of Israel’s past, meet Israelis and foreigners who are interested in these issues, and get a feeling of what life in Israel is like! A real “hands-on” experience – one that you will cherish for year to come!

Check this out!


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