Canaanites visiting Canaanites – Safi team looks at the Azekah LB/Iron I materials

Today, some of the Safi team (Amit, Shira, Chris and yours truly) paid a visit to the Institute of Archaeology at TAU, guests of the Azekah team, to see the pottery from the LB/Iron I destruction level which they excavated in the last season. This material was in the midst of being restored, so we had a chance to see a nice selection of pottery. We were particularly interested in this as the LB materials from Area P at Safi is currently being restored – and it was nice to compare between the materials from the two sites. Without going into too many details, it is clear that the final LB at Safi is quite different from the LB/Iron I destruction level that was excavated at Azekah!

Below, see some pictures from the visit – and thanks to Oded, Yuval and the Azekah team for hosting us. Next week, they will be coming to visit the Safi lab at BIU to see our materials. This is a great way to combine insights – for a better understanding of what is going on in the Shephelah in the LB and Iron Age. I hope we will have many more opportunities to do this – both with the Azekah team (our close neighbors – see here) and with other projects that are currently working in the Shephelah.


photo 4 20140302_132301 20140302_132439 20140302_132446 20140302_133630 20140302_133638 20140302_133708 photo 1

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