Shira Gur-Arieh submits her PhD!

We had a great reason to raise a toast today, when Shira Gur-Arieh submitted her PhD! Shira, who is a long-time member of the project and conducted both her MA and PhD research in connection with finds from Safi, just finished her PhD – which dealt with Philistine cooking installations (both hearths and tabuns/tannurs) from an experimental, ethnoarchaeological, analytic and typological point of view. The results of her research have and/or will be published in a series of articles (including 3 in JAS and JFA)!

Here we are raising a toast in her honor – way to go Shira!


Shira is also about to leave for a prestigious post-doc at the Max Planck Center for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig and we wish her all the best, and luck and success in this new position!

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