The celebrations continue!

Last night, at Ruti Shachak-Gross’ house, we celebrated a triple PhD dissertation event!

As you may recall, last week some of the Safi oldtimers got together to celebrate Shira’s submission of her PhD and her new post-doc position in Leipzig. But, that was not all! Last night, a bunch of people, mostly from the Kimmel Center at the WIS got together to celebrate three PhD dissertations that were just submitted by PhD students affiliated with the Kimmel Center:

* Johanna Regev, whose PhD deals with the new revolutionary high chronology of the EB, based on a whole new series of 14C analyses and sophisticated modelling. Johanna’s PhD was supervised by Elisabetta Boaretto and Aren Maeir.

* Shira Gur-Arieh, who PhD deals with Iron Age cooking installations in Philistia using archaeological, material science and ethnoarchaeological methods, and has opened up a whole new perspective on these and similar cooking installations, and developed a whole new set of methods for studying these and other installations. Shira’s PhD was supervised by Ruty Shachak-Gross, Elisabetta Boaretto and Aren Maeir.

* Larisa Goldenberg, who PhD deals with microscale distribution and concentration of preserved organic molecules in archaeological ceramics and its relevance to the field of residue analysis, and came up with some revolutionary insights relevant for 14C dating and residue analyses. Larisa’s PhD was supervised by Steve Weiner. This research is also connected to the Safi excavations, as some of the analyses were conducted on materials from the site.

Very fun party (and that is where I got the t-shirt mentioned previously, and several other very cool presents from Shira and Johanna…) – and I’m very honored and happy to have been able to have a part, and assisted when I could, in their excellent research – directly or indirectly…

Here’s a picture of the submitters and their supervisors:

PhD party_March 22 2014