Discussion with Yossi Garfinkel on the United Monarchy

As mentioned previously, this evening I participated in a discussion with Yossi Garfinkel at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem, moderated by Nir Hasson, on the United Monarchy, Khirbet Qeiyafa and other issues relating to the historicity of the biblical text in relation to the archaeological remains. I believe that we had a very interesting exchange of ideas, which from what I saw (and what my mother who was there said as well…), that the crowd enjoyed it a lot.

I tried to stress that the complexity of the biblical text requires us to relate very carefully to any historical reconstruction relating to the Iron Age, and and connection between the biblical text and the archaeological remains must be done using cutting archaeology AND cutting edge biblical studies.

It was fun!

2 thoughts on “Discussion with Yossi Garfinkel on the United Monarchy

  1. Uri Hurwitz

    Is there a video or tape of the dialogue? I don’t know if these are hard or expensive to prepare.
    The tapes of all speakers in last year’s Exodus conference were very useful .



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