Field trip to sites in NW Negev

Yesterday, April 3rd, I took a group of the Safi lab staff (Amit, Adi, Shira, Mor, Maria and Emuna) and BIU students (and Shawn Selig Aster from our department joined as well) for a great field trip to a bunch of great archaeological sites, less visited, in the NW Negev. We visited Tell el-Hesi, Tel Nagila, Tel Haror, Tel Jemmeh (which for me was a first time at the site!) and Tell el-Farah (S). We also tried to get to Tel Sera but we were stopped by a muddy road, and we did not have enough time to get to Kh. Sumeilly (near Hesi) and Qubur Walayda (near Farah).

The region was stunning, since it was the beginning of spring after a relatively wet rainy season, and in addition to the very interesting archaeology, everything was green, with blankets of flowers and all kinds of other flora and fauna.

In the pictures, in addition to views of the sites and the group, notice the very interesting carved stone from Hesi (a relief?), a flock of storks near Farah (s), and the water in the Besor River underneath Farah (s).

As they say in mamma loshen: a mechayeh…

Here are some great pictures:

Visit to Hesi_Fragment of relief visit to Hesi_Shira Adi and Mor with flowers visit to Jemmeh visit to Nagila Visit to Tell es Hesi visit to Farah south with storks visit to Farah south visit to Farah south_Amit and Omri overlooking Besor river with water visit to haror_group in Area K temple


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