News flash: Anthropoid coffin near Afula

An IAA press release has appeared today on the discovery of a LB burial in an anthropoid coffin! The grave was found at Tel Shadud, right next to Kibbutz Sarid, which is just to the NW of Afula. According to the press release, the coffin contained the skeletal remains of a male, with various burial objects, including a dagger and metal bowl, a scarab of Rameses II among other things. This is very interesting, as similar burials were found years ago at Beth Shean, which is not too far away.

Why does this interest a Philistine – and a seren at that? This can be seen as additional proof that the anthropoid coffins had nothing to do with the Sea Peoples/Philistines, but rather, reflect the Egyptian presence, and influence in the region in the LB and early Iron Age – as there was nothing in this (and in fact in the other graves as well) to connect it to the Sea Peoples.