Filming with Documentary Crew at Safi and the Ashdod Museum

On Friday, I spent the entire day with a British film crew, working for the Smithsonian channel, who are making a documentary about the “Ark of the Covenant“. Since we found a stone altar at Safi which has similar dimensions to those of incense altar in the “Tabernacle” described in Exodus 30, and since I have my very definite opinions on the relationship between Bible and archaeology, they wanted to spend the day with me dealing with these issues.

So first, we visited the Ashdod Museum, to say hello to the two horned altar from Gath. After spending some time keeping the altar company, we headed over to Safi and walked around the site. Funnily, the actual filming on location at Safi was not done in Area D, where the altar was found, but rather in Area A – as the views were better there (what you don’t do for impressions…).

So here’s a view of the altar in the “limelight” at the museum (I still think it looks like cookie monster!) and the back entrance to Tell es-Safi/Gath, all covered with weeds and thorns. For those who remember how this looks in the summer – it is quite different at this time of year.


back entrance to Safi_4_14 Filming altar in Ashdod museum 4_14