Rona Ramon visits the lab

While I was in the US, we had a very special visit to the lab, which I’m very upset I missed. Mrs. Rona Ramon, the widow of the first Israeli Astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, and mother of the late Israeli pilot, Asaf Ramon, is an outstanding person who has channelled her immense energies, in the aftermath of her family’s personal tragedies, to found a philanthropic foundation, the Ramon Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of people – and in particular kids, in Israel.
During her visit to the lab, Amit explained to her about the Safi project, but focussed on the very special program that we conduct in the lab for kids. Amit and Rona discussed the possibility of expanding these programs.
In addition, Rona expressed interest in coming to the dig in the summer!
Here’s Amit explaining to Rona (in black) and Ruty (BIU representative).
Rona Ramon in lab