Visit to Tell es-Safi/Gath to discuss environmental studies

Yesterday, we had a very interesting visit to the tell with a group of people, to talk about the excavations, but in particular, about the various environmental studies going on at and around the tell.
The group that came included (besides me): Prof. Dieter Vieweger (Wuppertal; excavator of Tall Zira’a in Jordan), Katja Soennecken (PhD student at Wuppertal), Hagit Levy (a botanist who work with us in the future), and Kobi, a tour guide, along with Oren Ackermann, Liora Horwitz and Linda Whittaker from the Safi team.

After going to most of the excavation areas to explain about the finds, we walked around the eastern and norther sides of the site to discuss the paleoenvironmental, archaeobotanical and archaeozoological studies that we are conducting, and various ideas how to expand this on a regional and supra-regional basis.

This was a very interesting visit and we had some great and very insightful discussions.

Here’s the group under the large olive tree to the east of Area E in the valley, getting some shade from the hot sun.

visit to tell_30_4_14_Dieter Weiweger et al

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