Ho boy – things are popping! So many articles in progress – I can barely breathe…

It’s getting quite busy over here!

There are something like ten to fifteen different studies – directly relating to the Safi project – which are in various stages of production at this point, from initial stages of writing, to advanced drafts – and all the way to several that are about to appear in press any day!

This includes a few studies on the EB at Safi, several on the Iron I and Iron II at Safi, a few on general aspects relating to the Philistines, etc., etc.

And this is in addition to the two Safi volumes (Safi II and Safi III) which we are working on…


On the one hand – this is VERY cool;

On the other, I’m sort of feeling that I don’t have time to breathe… :-)



Oh, and yes – we are also preparing to dig in about a month…


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