Preparation day at Safi

Today, a large group of the staff met at Safi for a day of preparations – a long and hot day from 7 am to 3 pm! Thanks to everyone!

We worked on several things:

1) We marked old and new squares in the various areas, helped by Yehuda and Shachar Shapira and co., who for years have given us a day of their time to make sure that the squares are accurately set up.

2) We started setting up the tarps – since this year the workers who helped us in the past are not available. We set up E and the breakfast area, and laid out the tarps for Area A (to be connected to poles, etc.). We still have to put up the tarps in D, F and P.

3) We did some ground penetrating radar (GPR) in Area P, to try and delineate additional sections of the EB wall. The GPR was conducted by Jessie Pincus and her family (Mike, Kathy and Gavriel – all together of Mnemotrix Inc.) who have been connected with the project for many years. And in fact – BOOM – we seem to have gotten a great signal of the continuation of the EB wall, about 10-15 meters east of the westernmost section excavated last year!

Here is the GPR in action:

GPR in Area P


Once again – thanks to all for their hard work – it was not an easy day – but a very important one.

As I was walking around the tell today, I bumped into a group of visitors from Louisiana – who were visiting sites in Israel in the footsteps of David. I invited them to return and excavate with us next year – and I sure hope they will take up the offer! :-)

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