Staff meeting at the lab

Today, a large part of the staff of the 2014 season gathered together at the lab in BIU in preparation for the 2014 season. While not all could come due to MY FAULT (for not announcing this sufficiently in advance; mea culpa…), a very nice group did manage to get to the lab. I think we had a great and very productive day!

I started with a general overview of new finds and research directions that the project has been carrying out in the last year, and some of the things we will be looking for this season. I also stressed some of the points which I wish all the staff to focus on during the season.

After that, some of the staff got lessons with the new Leica total stations, while other worked on preparing computers and notes for the season.

In the afternoon, after lunch, there were three more talks: Adi Eliyahu talked about the different aspects of archaeological science that she is dealing with, and how this can be utilized in the field; Sue Frumin talks about some of the results of the archaeobotanical research – and practical aspects for retrieval in the field; and Ron Kehati gave a talk on methods of collecting faunal remains.

Needless to say, in addition, we all talked “shop” – discussing plans and ideas for the season – as well as just “shmoozing” – as it is great to see all these good friends again!

I believe I can say that we all finished the day with the feeling that this is going to be a great – and very productive – season!