First day out in the field of the 2014 season!

Today we had our first day out in the field for the entire team. We started the day with various things that had to be done before excavation begins, such as finishing to put up shades, cleaning areas, “schlepping up” tools, etc., and by the end of the day, almost all areas were up and running and excavating away! By tomorrow morning – all field will be in full steam!

It’s a great team – a combination of a large group of experienced returnees, along with a excellent group of first time members. It looks like we are going to have a great season!!!

Here’s a picture of the Area A team picking up the shade as sun rises in a very romantic manner.

photo 1









And here’s the Area E team getting the introductory talk before the beginning of work.

photo 2









And here is Phil, from the Aussie team, holding an almost complete bowl (or lamp) – which he found today in Area A – an auspicious sign of  all the great things that we will be finding this season! Hoowah!!!!