2nd day of excavating!

Today, the 2nd full day in the field, all the areas were digging full steam away, and we already had some nice finds and important insights.

To start with, as I was walking between the Area P and Area F, on the southern side of the tell summit, I found a torso of small female figurine, just lying on the ground asking to be found!

In the various areas, things started popping out.

In Area A – among other finds, a nice decorated bone spindle whorl was found, as a well as a yet unidentified piece of bronze

Here’s Derio with the spindle whorl

Derio with spindle whorl











Here’s Cass with the piece of Bronze:

Cass with Bronze from Area A











In Area E, we have cleared and are ready to excavate several features and floors, from the E5 (EB III) and E6 levels (EB II-III).

In Area D, the already have some nice remains from the 9th cent. destruction level, including a complete lower grinding stone and a nice restorable krater

Here’s the balk in which the grinding stone and krater was found:

photo 4









In Area P – they have started digging in search of the continuation of the EB wall to the west (based on where the GPR noted its location) and also preparing for work in a square with LB materials.

In Area F, they are working on cleaning the various to be excavated, but we can already see all kinds of very interesting features which are about to be exposed.

And here is Eric peaking out from under the tarps in Area F:

photo 1 (1)









And finally, a couple of nice shots of the tell that I took from the east:

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)









Great day – with much more to come!