Update for July 2nd

Quick update for July 2nd:

First thing in the morning, we had a visit from Prof. Bill Dever, who spent with us several hours going around to the various areas in the excavation. It was very nice talking to him – and of course hearing his stories – and having an opportunity for some of the students to see in person someone whom they had heard of previously.

Here’s a picture Prof. Dever with Jo Verducci and Eric Welch, both past recipients of the annual Sean Dever memorial prize for the best lecture at the ASOR session!

photo (3)








photo 1 (2)










Later on, Louise (who as you may remember just published with me an article about the Philistines as pirates, happened to meet a pirate walking around the tell and took a picture with him…

photo (1)











Later on, we found out where the pirate came from – and here’s a picture of his ship:

photo 3 (2)








And now for some archaeology:

In area A, they are working in Iron I and Iron II levels, and have come up with some cool finds, including a couple of pits and a loomweight

Here’s Sophie with the loomweight that she found:









photo (2)












In Area E, they are working on various EB and LB levels. One of today’s finds was a fragment of a decorated LB faience bowl

In Area P, the are busy looking for the continuation of the EB wall, and for the LB surfaces right next to it.

In Area F, they have started excavating in levels from various areas – and we await some great finds – and already today at the end of the day they found a very nice faience inlay (or bead).

In Area D, in addition to opening two new squares in which already, right below surface they have the post-9th cent. BCE destruction squatter’s level (which we discovered already last year), a very important discovery today was a new area in which the pre-9th cent. BCE levels in this area are appearing.

Great day – and an indication of all that should be popping out real soon!