A day in the camp

Since today we did not go out to excavate – due to the current security situation, we spent the day in the camp in Revadim (breakfast was at 7:30 so everyone got up with a rested look on their faces…).

In the morning, we all did various tasks relating to the dig, such as pottery registration, bone washing, “picking” (looking for microfinds in sediments), and other tasks. In the afternoon and evening, we had and will have several lectures on workshops, including I gave a lecture on my trip to Papua New Guinea, Louise will be lecturing on Santorini, and various lectures and workshops on various topics, such as field registration techniques, archaeobotany, microarchaeology, and other archaeological topics, as well as several general ones, such as on Israeli dancing, yoga and everyday Hebrew.

Right now it looks like we won’t be excavating tomorrow as well – so we will continue camp related activities once again.


4 thoughts on “A day in the camp

  1. Robert Yaro

    I remember in 99′ the first year I worked at Safi there was a day we did not excavate, visited the Armour Museum, Emmaus, and Ashkelon


  2. Klaus Teubert

    Feeling some kind of home sicknss in these days. What a great time we could have last year! We felt living like member of a big family :)
    Though I see you won’t get bored at the camp (work to do and a lot of interesting lectures on archeology, but my favourite would be Papua New Guinea of course;) I wish from my heart, that the excavation could be continued soon.

    Greetings from Germany


  3. arenmaeir

    Robert and Klaus – good to hear from you and thanks for your kind thoughts. All the best from all the team! Aren


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