The Boys (and girls) are back in the field!

Today, we got back into the field, after we received the formal OK from the Israel Home Command – and as expected, we had a great day out there.

In Area A, we had some great finds. They are right on top of the 9th cent. destruction layer in one square, and are cleaning an 8th cent. square in another. In the Iron I, we have several fragmentary vessels, including portions of a “beer jug” as well as several rather complete shells and other cool finds.

In area D, they excavated a whole mess of finds from the 9th cent. destruction level, including about 10 whole or restorable vessels, an iron blade and other objects.

In Area F, as usual they are working in a whole bunch for periods, including Iron IIA, Iron I, LB and MB. Particularly interesting was the nice MB contexts they worked on near the MB city wall.

In Area P, we excavated out two beautiful “lamp and bowl” deposits,  and seem to have found some nice architecture on the western side of the area, perhaps parts of the city wall.

Here are some pictures from today:

photo 4 (4) photo 1 (9)
photo 1 (8)
photo 3 (9) photo 2 (7)photo (12)


4 thoughts on “The Boys (and girls) are back in the field!

  1. Richard Walsh

    Hi everybody

    Glad to see you are all back digging. Looking at the news here in Australia today the situation does not look good. I am very envious of all the finds coming out and hope to return next year.


    Richard Walsh


  2. Reblogged this on Haskel Greenfield and commented:
    On thursday, July 10, many of the areas began to excavate again after receiving permission from the Home Front. Area E, unfortunately, did not yet go out. On the other hand, due to Annie Brown’s organizational efforts and lots of helping hands, she was able to clean up 12 years of heavy fraction backlog. There are enough data for several PhD theses now.


  3. Louise Hitchcock

    Hi Richard,

    Those look great. We are safe, just hoping our flights out don’t get cancelled, but as we are flying home from Amman, we can always cab it to Amman.


    Dr. Louise A. Hitchcock Associate Professor of Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology Room 127, The Old Quadrangle Classics and Archaeology Program (SHAPS) The University of Melbourne Parkville, Vic 3010 AUS


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