Friday, July 11th on the tell

Today, we had a nice day of excavation on the tell.

In Area A, Louise and her team worked on a very nice Iron I living surface, with a lot of finds (including a very nice bead and tons of pottery and bones). Looks like this surface – and probably others below it – will provide some nice finds in the coming week or so. In addition, the Iron IIB and Iron IIA squares were cleaned – and we will stop on them – ready to open them up next season.

In Area D, Amit’s team worked on a balk in which there was plenty of Iron IIA finds, and clarified various architectural features throughout the site.

In Area E, Haskel and Shira’s team were working on various EB features which were uncovered – including a very nice corner of an Stratum E5c building.

In Area F, Jeff ‘s team were working on quite a few periods (Iron IIB, Iron IIA, Iron I, LB, MB and EB). As they always joke, this is the area where you go if you want to learn stratigraphy – and boy are they right!

In Area P, Jill and her team worked on the LB levels just inside the EB wall, and are still looking for the continuation of the EB wall, and/or features built up against it, in the squares to the west of the main area.

Around 8 am, we all (in all the areas) heard the air raid siren from the nearby power station, and as ordered by the Home Front Command, we all got into the excavation trenches and ducked. Nothing landed anywhere near us, but we could see up in the air, far to the north, some Iron Dome interceptions!

We finished the 2nd week – with a little more excitement than we expected during the week – but we are eagerly looking forward to the next two weeks and all the finds.

Shabbat Shalom – and pray for peace unto Israel!



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