Monday, July 14th at the dig

The first day in the field of the 3rd went by very nicely today. All the areas were up and running – and it was nice to see that despite the security situation we could move ahead – more or less planned – and despite some the two days that we missed out last week – and some of the team that decided to leave.

We had a few visitors today, including a nice group of geologists from the Israel Geological Society, who came for a very comprehensive visit, in which both the finds on the site and in the surrounding region, as well as the various analytic methods that we are implementing were explained. It was an excellent visit as we learned a lot from them – and I believe they did from us – and hopefully, some interesting collaborations on various issues will come out of the visit.

In the afternoon, we visited Itzik Shai’s excavation at Tel Burna and saw the very impressive LB and Iron II remains.

And finally, this evening, I went over to Kibbutz Galon to give a lecture to the Azekah team – our neighbors from just up the Elah Valley.

Great Day!