Update for Tuesday July 15th

Today we had a really nice day in the field – despite the fact that the @#$% is still shooting rockets…

In Area A, Louise and her team are working in Iron I levels

In Area D, there are several nice things: In the post-9th cent destruction level we have some metal slag, remains of some interesting walls and other finds. In the 10th cent. BCE level we have a very nice restorable cooking jug and some interesting architecture.

In Area E they are working on both EB and LB contexts. This included some rich LB contexts with a lot of pottery, and several EB contexts with a lot of samples for 14C.

In Area F, they are working on a wide range of periods, from Iron IIB until EB. Among other things they have nice evidence of the 9th cent. BCE destruction in a couple of places, Iron I floors with finds, and some very interesting EB finds – including what looks like an earlier phase of the EB fortifications!

In Area P there are LB and EB remains. This includes a very nice LB floor with finds on surface, as well as evidence, similar to what was found in F, of an earlier phase of the EB fortifications.

We also had a couple of visitors on site – and only one siren sounding!