Nasty comments will not be accepted…

Just deleted a rather nasty comment (in fact two from the same person).

Comments that display poor taste and lack of respect will not be answered – and will be deleted immediately.

For any one out there who is stupid enough to write a vicious comment on this blog – do keep in mind that this is not an open forum and inappropriate garbage will be dumped…

3 thoughts on “Nasty comments will not be accepted…

  1. Professor,

    I actually didn’t even notice that there were comments until this post came up, but now that I do know–thank you for this blog! It’s really been a meaningful and substantive way to “participate” in the excavations. My summer at the site was one of the best I’ve ever experienced (as Jill Katz’s student, way back in 2003), and it’s kept me interested in archaeology ever since. (OK, so I’m only the level of subscribing to BAR and reading Finkelstein’s books/criticisms of his books–that counts for something, right?)

    So I just wanted to thank you for the blog and your program. I have no idea what happens in the comments here, but the substance is real and good, and if your readers are anything like me, then there is a lot of appreciation for what you do.


  2. arenmaeir

    Legofranak – thanks for your kind words – from the reactions of many readers of this blog – it would appear that they tend to agree with you;
    Peter N. – if you don’t like what I write and how I write on the blog – you can either not read the blog – or open your own blog and write against it. I never asked you for permission and/or instructions on what I should or should not write on this blog – and as I said – if you don’t like it – feel free not to read it.


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