Thanks to all for the 2014 season!

As the last of the 2014 team at Tell es-Safi/Gath will be leaving Kibbutz Revadim this morning, I once again wanted to thank all the team members – and others who contributed and helped with its success – for all the hard work which enabled us to have such a successful season. Despite all the ups and downs and tensions around, we had some excellent results during the season – both important discoveries on their own as well as insights that indicate high potential for additional discoveries in future seasons!

In particular, I’d like to thank the team members who stayed on for the final week of the dig – which is the hardest and most demanding time in the excavation season. There’s a lot of hard and back breaking work, at a rather crazy schedule – but without the work done this week – we could not finish the dig – and be prepared to have another excavation season next year!

Last night we had a great final party. Our friend Yehuda came with a portable pizza oven and we made – and ate – a ton of very tasty homemade pizzas. Great way to end a great season!

I will post a general summary of the 2014 season in the near future, along with some additional photos – including the very nice photo of the team taken yesterday during the aerial photography!

See you all next year!


One thought on “Thanks to all for the 2014 season!

  1. Jamie Walden-Mather

    May I have a jpeg of the final picture. I would love to have one printed for Jillian’s welcome gift. Thank you and Jeff for keeping her safe.
    All the best,
    Jamie Walden- Mather


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