Archaeology summer camp at the Safi lab!

Shira and Mor took part as counselors in a summer camp for kids interested in science which is held each year at BIU (נוער שוחר מדע). As part of the various activities relating to science which they kids were involved in, each day a group of kids came to the Safi lab and had a hands-on learning experience about archaeology. Shira and Mor taught them about various things going on in the lab – and helped them create various replicas of archaeological finds. See below Shira and Mor in action – and two coins and a beautiful mosaic that Mor, Shira and the kids made.

coin from summer camp 2014 coins from summer camp 2014 Mor and Shira summer camp 2014 shira and mor summer camp 2014IMG-20140804-WA0007