Palestinians and Philistines

As I’ve clarified many times before, there is no cultural (and genetic) connection between the ancient Philistines and the contemporary Palestinians – save for that the Palestinians are people who live in the area which from Graeco-Roman times was known as Philistia – in itself a toponym which remembers the presence of the Philistine culture in the southern Coastal Plain during the Iron Age.

But now, I think we have a good connection!

I’ve been informed that due to the missiles that the Palestinians in Gaza are firing towards Ashdod, the Museum of Philistine Culture in Ashdod is still closed! Is nothing sacred? :-)

And if on this topic – do you think that the tunnel diggers in Gaza have collected the archaeological finds that were found during their excavations? One can only wonder what they have found during this escapades….

2 thoughts on “Palestinians and Philistines

  1. Ioannis Vlachos

    Dear professor, Thanks for your authorization, I shall let you know about its publication (with a greek translation and a short introduction about you).
    I agree with your on the subject of the “pseudo-Philistines” Palestinians. We modern Greeks have the same problem with the Slaves who settled in the Balkans around the 6th century CE, and pretend to be the descendants of the Macedonians of Alexander!
    Best regards


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