Great book: “Complex Communities” by B. Porter

Just finished reading a great book – Complex Communities: The Archaeology of Early Iron Age West-Central Jordan, B. J. Porter (Univ. of Arizona, 2013). The book describes his research on early Iron Age sites in central Jordan, and provides a very sophisticated and well-thought out view on communities existing in a marginal zone. Short, dense – but highly readable, and with many important insights for the study of the early Iron Age Levant in general, and marginal (and non-marginal) societies in general. I particularly liked how he stresses the need to look at a much higher resolution at the various groups which are defined in most scholarship about the Iron Age Levant (Israelites, Philistines, Moabites, etc.), and how community level archaeological research can provide important and even revolutionary insights on these (and other) cultures and periods.

Very relevant for studying non-marginal early Iron Age cultures as well – such as the Philistines, Canaanites, and Israelites/Judahites.