Safi and giant bones!

Periodically, people pass on to me links of pictures of excavations in which giant skeletons appear, thinking that perhaps these are evidence of Goliath and his family. Well, while all these pictures are fakes, we can post something real – with very large bones!

Carson and Julie Hastings, who were on the Safi team in the 2003 season, are avid dinosaur excavators. Julie was kind enough to pass on to me (thru Eric Welch) some great pictures of her lying right next to a bunch of VERY large dinosaur bones – and wearing a Safi t-shirt!

So, even though we have not found extra-large bones at Gath – we at least have a picture of some next to one of the Safiites!

Safi shirt next to dino bones 2 Safi shirt next to dino bones 1











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