Jeff Chadwick sings the “Tell es-Safi blues”

Jeff Chadwick (aka Achish Melekh Gath), field supervisor extraordinaire of Area F, is also a talented musician (and a stand up comedian…).

See below a clip of Jeff performing the “Tell es-Safi Blues” – sung to the melody of Folsom Prison Blues, by Johnny Cash.

And here are the lyrics:

I hear the wind a blowin’, it’s comin’ round again,

And I ain’t seen the balk line, since I don’t know when,

‘Cause I’m stuck at Tell es-Safi, and time keeps draggin’ on,

And I’m fillin’ up these buckets until this dirt is gone.


When I was just a baby, my Mama said one thing,

Always be a good boy, don’t ever touch a sling,

But I took a wadi pebble, and then I let it fly,

When it hit that giant’s forehead, I saw him fall and die.


I bet there’s some folks eatin’ breakfast down at Revadim,

They’re prob’ly drinkin’ coffee, then have a little swim,

Now I know that Aren’s comin’, he’s down in P or D,

But this balk line keeps a movin’, and that’s what tortures me.


Well when this season is concluded, when I bid this dig goodbye,

I’m getting on an airplane, and then I’m gonna fly

Far from Tell es-Safi, that’s where I ought to stay,

But I know I’m comin’ back here, I just can’t keep away.


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