Linda Meiberg reports on her work on Decorated Philistine pottery

Linda Meiberg, long-time Safi team member, has submitted a report on her research on decorated Philistine pottery, which she conducted last year while she was a fellow at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem. Among other things, she discusses the decorated “Philistine 2” (Bichrome) pottery from Tell es-Safi/Gath and suggests that there was a special workshop for this pottery on the site, as the Philistine 2 pottery from Safi is decorated differently from Philistine 2 pottery found at other sites.

While the idea that there are site and regional styles in the Philistine pottery is not new, Linda’s detailed analyses of the decorative styles adds important data – and a fine-tuned analysis of this issue.

Well done Linda!

Here’s a picture of Linda, from a few years ago, holding a piece of bichrome watermelon which was found during the excavation at Safi … :-)