Safi talks went very well!

Today, the various talks related to Safi went very well. My general update on the 2014 season was well-attended (people came in right before and left right after…), and the session on the EB was a success as well. Louise also gave a nice paper on the ivory bowl from the 2013 session – which I could not attend since I had to co-chair the EB session.

Ho ah!


4 thoughts on “Safi talks went very well!

  1. Something that your blog readers might not know if they’ve never attended one of your lectures in person, is that it’s obvious you are extremely special & loved by many of your colleagues. It’s a real pleasure to see the subtle interaction & responses, which can’t always be discerned by reading a publication or watching a video. On rare occasions, an archeologist might dig up a treasure; but you’re one of the few who really is a treasure! It’s a bummer I was not able to attend any afternoon lectures, such as Dr. Hitchcock’s, but it was nice to be able to finally meet her & thank her for her contributions to the field.


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