Short online article in Hebrew on pig use in the ancient Land of Israel

A short, online article on pig use in the ancient Land of Israel, in Hebrew, written by Liora Horwitz and yours truly, has gone up on the etmiqra web site. In the article, we discuss pig use from prehistoric periods and onward, with special focus on the changes seen in the region at the beginning of the Iron Age. As this has been discussed often in the past and somewhat simplistic suggestions regarding a supposed lack of pig at Israelite sites and consumption of pigs at Philistine sites, we demonstrate that the picture is more complex than often assumed. In fact, not at all sites in Philistia is pig actually eaten (more so in urban sites; less so in rural sites), and while in the Iron II there is good evidence for a supposed pig taboo in Judah, in the Israelite kingdom there is no clear evidence of this.

For those of you who don’t read Hebrew – an extended English version of this article will appear sometime in the future.