Fantastic new fellowship for junior biblical scholars who want to get archaeological experience!

This excellent fellowship has been announced (the William G. Dever Archaeological Fellowship for Biblical Scholars) which is aimed at enabling junior scholars in biblical studies to experience first hand archaeology of the near east. I highly recommend those who are relevant to apply!

Here are the details:

The Society of Biblical Literature supports and promotes the work of peer organizations that also serve many of our members. This is particularly true of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR). We are bringing to your attention an inaugural award that is an opportunity for a non-tenured biblical scholar.

The William G. Dever Fellowship for Biblical Scholars is a two-month travel-study award ($6,000) that will be made available in the summer of 2015 to a qualified American untenured faculty member in the field of biblical studies who wants to acquire elementary, first-hand experience in field archaeology and research in Israel. The intent of the award, administered by ASOR, is to help foster a dialogue between archaeology and biblical studies in colleges, universities, and seminaries, as well as in the larger discipline.

The William G. Dever Archaeological Fellowship for Biblical Scholars will provide $6,000 to be used towards transportation; one month on a specified dig; and one month travel to other digs, combined with a one-month residency (room and half-board) at the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem, which will allow the Dever Fellow to conduct research in the Albright library. During residency, the Albright Institute will facilitate visits to excavations active in the field.

Details can be found at the following URL:

And of you out there who want to dig with us at Safi and may qualify for this – do give it a shot!


HT – Jack Sasson