Jeff gives a talk about the Safi excavations at El Quds University in Jerusalem

Jeff Chadwick, AKA Achish Melekh Gath, field supervisor extraordinaire of Area F, yesterday gave a talk about the Tell es-Safi/Gath excavations at el-Quds University in Jerusalem.

Here is what he reported (from his facebook page):

Rare opportunity yesterday to share our excavation and research results with Palestinian archaeology students. I visited Al-Quds University (as part of the Albright Institute outreach program) to give a lecture on “The Archaeology of Tell es-Safi — Gath of the Philistines” to an audience of about 25 students and their faculty, and to express Safi director Aren Maeir’s greetings and best wishes to the group. The reception was very friendly, and I had quite a nice time meeting with both students and the faculty of the archaeology, as well as a number of deans and professors from other schools on the courtesy tour of the Al-Quds campus, which has grown into a fairly large and increasingly impressive operation. Below is a photo with three faculty and a few of male students. Left of me is Dr. Hani Nur-el Din, and to the right of me are Dr. Ibraham Abu Eamar (dept chair) and Issa Sarie — all three also Albright fellows. Thanks to the Albright Institute and Al-Quds for the opportunity.

And here is a picture of Jeff and some of the el Quds staff and students that is mentioned above:

Jeff lectures at El Quds U on Safi_Feb 2015

Thanks Jeff – way to go!