Official BIU notice on the new Israel/Aram Minerva Center

See here is the official Hebrew press release by BIU on our new Minerva Center dealing with Israel/Aram relations in the biblical periods. The English one can be found here.

And here is the notice on

Here it is on the site.

Here on the Jewish business news site.

One thought on “Official BIU notice on the new Israel/Aram Minerva Center

  1. ryanwc

    I figured out why I hadn’t noticed the ‘big announcement’ of the Minerva Ctr. when I commented a while back. And also why I’ve apparently always been a few days behind in reading this blog. In Firefox bookmarks I somehow bookmarked page 2 of this blog instead of page 1. I didn’t realize that was possible on an ‘infinite scrolling’ page, but I guess it makes sense. As you scroll down the address bar changes to /2, and if I favorite it at that point, how would the browser know to ignore that.


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