Reading an interesting book: “Disasters in Field Research”

I’m reading a very interesting book – “Disasters in Field Research: Preparing for and Coping with Unexpected Events“, authored by Ice, Dufour and Stevens.

Disasters in research cover page picture

This book is an excellent basic handbook on how field researchers in various fields (e.g. archaeology, anthropology, geology, biology, etc.) can prepare for the various types of mishaps – and in some cases – disasters, that can occur out in the field, and what to do when these things do actually happen.

The book covers a wide range of materials, scenarios, problems and solutions. While a lot what is covered is not new for someone who has been in the field in various places for many years (and add to that several years in army service), there are some great points even for an “old timer”.

And needless to say, those who are relatively new at doing research out in the field – this is a treasure trove of healthy and sound advice. I would read it – this may help you recover from various screw ups in the field – and even save your life in others.

A good thing to remember in any case, and this shines through in this book as well, is the well-known “Murphy’s Law“: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…